Voice Lessons / Voice Building

voice teacher is someone who helps you learn to build and use your voice to do what you need to with it – whether singing, acting, or presenting.

Daniel McCabe has been a voice teacher for over 30 years. His specialty is the repair and building of voices for different types of acting, singing, or presenting. His stylistic knowledge of different singing styles (classical, Broadway, pop, rock, and alternative forms), acting approaches (period, stage, film), and the demands of teaching / presenting will ensure that your voice building will progress towards your needs. While the human vocal mechanism is fairly consistent among the human population, the demands of different styles of singing / acting make use of different configurations of that mechanism. Training a voice for singing opera is different than training a voice for rock or Broadway styles. This knowledge, and the experience Daniel McCabe has in teaching students, has enabled him to help hundreds of singers, actors, and presenters / teachers to achieve gains in their voices.

Studying voice with Daniel McCabe will give you not only a personalized approach to using your voice, but also the knowledge of someone who who understands vocal health and maintenance.

Daniel McCabe sees students in the New York area at the Grabscheid Voice Center (212. 241. 9410), or on occasions at their locations. He also sees musicians on the road during tours.

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