Daniel McCabe is a unique healer and builder of voices. He has been an award-winning classical singer, esteemed teacher of voice having received degrees from the Eastman School of Music and Oberlin, and is a medical voice therapist who helps professionals regain and maintain their voice after injuries. He is the Chief Vocologist at the Eugen Grabscheid Voice Center at Mount Sinai Hospital.

New York Voice Care and Daniel McCabe have created this site as a place for everyone who is interested in the human voice, its use, and its care. It’s a place for singers, actors, teachers, broadcasters, voice teachers, acting coaches, laryngologists, voice therapists and others to find information about the voice, and to share opinions.

Services offered by Daniel McCabe:
  • Voice lessons and training
  • Medical voice therapy
  • Therapy for chronic cough, swallowing issues, and other conditions affecting the head and neck
  • Nodules, polyps and cysts
  • Vocal fold paresis/paralysis
  • Vocal scars
  • Laryngeal hypersensitivity, Laryngospasm, VCD
  • Voice surgery recovery